HOROSCOPE consists of planetary positions at the moment of your birth Connected with rasis, and dasa calculations for predicting your future. A jathakam should include predictions on education, job, marriage, health, periods of monetary gains, and necessary poojas to be performed.

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When mars is posited in lagna,2nd, 4th,7th or 8th from lagna or moon rasi then it is said to have KUJA(CHOVVA) dosha or MANGLIK or MARS dosha for that horoscope native. According to Hindu astrology this mars dosham indicates severe disputes diseases, accidents, premature death to the native or married ..

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Venus or Shukra

Venus and moon play a major role in conditioning one's mind for love affairs. The percentage of love marriages has increased during the past years. Friendship between male and female has increased and hence the chance of transforming friendship to an affair has also increased. Nothing wrong to fall in love with someone you like..

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